What you will produce

You will produce two items:

  1. Either a business plan to develop and market a product or service OR a marketing plan to sell a product or service. You only produce one plan.
  2. A video introduction to your plan, be as creative as you wish

The Business plan

A business plan describes how you will produce and market your product or service. You do not need to make a financial forecast for the competition. (Maximum 3 pages).

What do you need to include in your Business plan?

  • A mission statement – what is your product, why is it great, who you will sell it to
  • Why there is a need for the product/service
  • Description of the product
  • How you will make or develop your product/service
  • What is the market for your product/service – who you can sell it to

A Marketing plan

A marketing plan is a detailed plan of how you will market your product or service. You will be given an imaginary budget when the competition is launched. You will need to use that budget carefully to maximize the potential for selling the product or service. (Maximum 3 pages).

What do you need to include in your Marketing plan?

  • A mission statement – who you will sell your product/service too
  • Why they need the product/service
  • What channels will you use to get them to know about your product/service
  • What alternative marketing strategies will you use
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of each channel
  • How much of your budget will you invest in each channel

A video introduction



Length of video 2.30 minutes maximum
Language (any) Better in English or with English captions
Title of video Name of your group
Description Should include the name of the competition. The name of your group and the brand name of the product you will describe
Privacy status Video setting must be set to Public to allow everyone to view
Tags Please include ‘LeTeEm’ as a tag

Suggestions for the contents of video

  • An introduction – possibly a voice over
  • Show use by students (if there are permission issues with showing faces, it is fine without)
  • Show results of use, screen shots, print outs

Be as innovative as you wish, we will not be judging the quality of the video (audio & video), but the use of the tools. Obviously we must be able to understand what you say and can see properly.


Each group can enter only one entry. Each student can only be in one group. A single school can have as many groups as they wish.

Each group must use the example products or service provided here.

All entries must be completed and uploaded on the Competition entry page by Friday 28th August 12.00 noon Central European Time. Late entries will not be put forward for judging.

By submitting an entry you must agree that the video you submit and content you make is available with a Creative Commons license and can be used by the LeTeEm project as they require.

All entrants must agree that their videos are publically available for a period of 3 years at the link supplied in the entry form. If the holding repository changes the link, this clause is no longer operational.

Videos must not be longer than 2.30 minutes in total. Including opening and closing credits.

The results are final and no correspondence can be entered in to.

Winners will be announced at the LeTeEm final conference on 21 September 2015. And prizes sent in the form of Amazon Gift vouchers.

Submitting your entry

You will find the submission area on your competition page.

Step 1 – Upload your video to YouTube

  • Add a title (you will copy this in to the entry form)
  • Add a description (you will copy this in to the entry form)
  • Make sure your video privacy settings are public and add Tags including LeTeEm.

Step 2 - Go to the submission area. You will need to copy the video link, title and description in to the form. You will also need to upload the Business or Marketing plan you have created. Acceptable formats are Microsoft Word and PDF.

Step 3 - Ensure that all team members have completed the pre and post competition questionnaires.

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