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The Challenge

Can your team (of 4 or 5 students) create the best business or marketing plan in Europe?

We will provide you with all the tools and the products you have to build your plan around. You will have to write your plans and present them in fun and engaging videos. Just like in the real world, you will be under time and resource pressure to complete your results.

Are you good enough to win the prizes?.


The LeTeEm European project integrates the workplace in to education by helping students, teachers and employers come together to get real experience of the workplace.

We are running a Europe-wide competition for students (13 to 18). You will need to make a business or marketing plan for a product. On the starting day of the competition we will announce what the product or service is, so all the teams have an equal chance as time is a major factor. You will find the product or service description at here. At the moment the descriptions are not available.Teams can start after Monday 22nd June 2015 but they must finish on the competition end date, Friday 28th August 2015 12.00 noon Central European Time, they will not get more time.

You need to be innovative and communicative and show your ideas in a video and in a short document (maximum 3 pages).

About the competition

The competition asks you to make short (2.30 minute) videos about the plan you have made, it can be someone speaking (interview style) a group or graphical, the more creative you are, the better.

We decided on a short video so that the resulting examples will be very focused and stretch competitors to find the most useful and direct way to communicate.

There are prizes in the form of Amazon book vouchers and the overall winner will be announced at the LeTeEm European Conference in the Finland on 21 September 2015.

There are also Logos that you can include on your websites, or blogs and all correct entries will receive a Certificate of Entry.

The video results of the competition will be added to the repository of resources of the LeTeEm project and also saved on YouTube.

Entries can be made until the deadline on Friday 28th August 2015 12.00 noon Central European Time. The competition started on Monday 22nd June 2015 when the tasks will be posted on the internet and emails will be sent to the team leaders.

PLEASE NOTE: no students under the age of 13 may be included in any video.


Winner: €250 in Amazon vouchers

Runner up: €150 in Amazon vouchers

The vouchers will be made to the school not individuals, as the EU does not permit funds from the project to be paid to an individual.

All entries will receive participation certificates (providing valid email addresses have been received).  All entries will receive, by email, Logos for display on websites/blogs.

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