How to enter

To enter the competition you will need to complete the Registration Form. After registering you will receive an acknowledgement email with the User Name and password for your competition page. All your team members will also receive user names and passwords so they can access your page.

On the page you will find:

  • A link to this document
  • A pre-competition questionnaire (all team members should complete)
  • A post-competition questionnaire (all team members should complete). Please note your competition entry cannot be accepted for judging unless the questionnaires are completed, we need them to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.
  • Your mentor forum – each team will be assigned a mentor to help you complete the competition. The mentor cannot write your entry or provide answers but will help you if you get stuck.

A submission area – here is where you add your entry document and video

By submitting the entry form you give permission that the video may be shown publicly in any way that the LeTeEm project requires.

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