Learners, Teachers and Employers (LeTeEm)

LeTeEm aims to encourage young European students to develop employability through creative thinking, curiosity and enquiry, critical thinking, social and communications skills, confidence and practicality.

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Learning by Developing (LbD)

Learning by Developing (LbD) is one of the most successful methodologies for developing a partnership with industry and promoting creativity, competitiveness, employability and the growth of an entrepreneurial spirit for university level students.

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Project Reference Group Sign-Up

We are looking for educators and reseachers to join our Project Reference Group to evaluate the materials developed during the project.

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Project Highlights

The LeTeEm project ran from 1 November 2013 until 31 October 2015 and exceeded all its original targets:

  • Involvement of at least 25 schools and 350 students in the pilot – this target was exceeded and we piloted with 28 schools with 413 students.
  • Training of at least 200 teachers/teacher trainers – this target was exceeded and a total 252 teachers were trained using the formal online training course.
  • Online Community of Practice (COP) with at least 200 members – this target was exceeded and the COP currently has 470 members.

LeTeEm Competition Winners

The LeTeEm competition for students was held over the summer and produced some excellent results and use of the project ideas.

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LeTeEm Introductory Video


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