What is a Project Reference Group?

A member of the Project Reference Group in an EU project does not receive any money and has a limited role in the project. They can come from anywhere and contribute because they wish to be visibly part of an exciting and useful project.


What does a member of the Project Reference Group do?

In LeTeEm we will be asking the members of the Project Reference Group to help at various stages of the project.


We will need your help to:

  • Appraise the materials we produce in the project
  • Take the LeTeEm teacher training course and see how to implement a LeTeEm project
  • Pilot a LeTeEm project in your secondary school or educational institution with your colleagues and students
  • Disseminate the project (we will supply a logo/link for your site)
  • Supply feedback to the project, there will be online/offline forms


What are the benefits

  • You will be associated with a important, high profile and high status European project that will have clear benefits for making secondary education truly 21-century, inspiring innovation and with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • You will have the opportunity to receive specialised training in applying the LeTeEm methodology.
  • All institutions (schools, associations, education authorities) can include a name, logo and web link in the list of partners on the LeTeEm website.
  • Individuals we will be listed with their country and a link (if requested). 



 If you are interested, please complete the Contact Form.


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